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Ways to Help

  • Making Sandwiches

  • Making Hot Meals

  • Providing Drinks

  • Providing individually wrapped snacks or baked goods

  • Making toiletry kits (i.e. Deodorant, Baby-wipes, Razors, Tissues)

  • Gift card, socks, or underwear drives with friends, family, and co-workers

  • Spreading the word by sharing our Facebook page, Website, and our Weekly Posts

**What does making sandwiches or hot meals entail? 

Depending upon the time of year we make anywhere from 50 - 100 sandwiches.  We make all varieties of sandwiches, from PB&J to Roast Beef.  They just need to be individually wrapped and labeled accordingly.  

Hot meals vary anywhere from large pans of pasta or meatballs to pizza, hot dogs, or hamburgers.  

Whatever you think is good, our friends will appreciate greatly.

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